Social Safety Net

Dugald wants to ensure our current programs operate efficiently and guarantee responsible stewardship of tax-payer dollars. Dugald believes that all social programs provide a clear path to guide recipients past their hardship so they no longer rely on the assistance program.

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About Me

Dugald wants to bring a fresh, non-partisan perspective to end gridlock in the House. His experience in multiple industries in the public and private sector will bring this innovative insight and perspective.

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West Virginians for Social and Fiscal Responsibility


To keep costs low and continue thriving as a nation we must continue using our traditional resources such as coal and oil reserves, while continuing to produce other energy sources such as natural gas.

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There is no reason we cannot be both secure in our energy policy and environmentally safe. We have the technology and know-how to harvest and process fossil fuels in an environmentally sound manner, and should do so.

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In looking toward the future it is imperative that we continue to develop renewable resources and replace our usage of fossil fuels in an economically sound manner.

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The number one way of solving the Energy, Environment and Economy problems is investing in Education. An educated population can develop the necessary tools and solutions to solve the problems facing America in the 21st Century.

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